Blitz is a group of old-timey fansubbers who’ve been around for over 10 years (some of us longer) and are still in many groups today, we just thought we’d re-created one of our old groups Blitz-Anime and bring back some high-quality but simplified releases.

We do Blu-Ray and DVD releases of old and new series’s, in both Sub Only and Dual-Audio (Jap +Eng), the Japanese track will always have priorityr.

All of our releases will be 10bit x264 with FLAC/AC3/AAC in 1080p/720p/540p for Blu-Ray and 480p for DVD in the .mkv format with soft-subtitles, all will have the official translation (or best group if there is no official) proper timing, editing and karaoke lyrics for both OP/ED and any appropriate Insert Song, however typesetting will be minimal, it’ll be there and it’ll be good for what’s needed for the story, we just don’t plan to spend forever on a couple of signs nobody realistically cares about. We’ll announce what we do when releasing, so don’t ask for what’s not there.

(Health Warning: Typesetting is the leading cause of death in fansubbers.)