What is Emilia?

Emilia is a scripted command bot written by Sirus to help make some things in the Blitz IRC channel easier, such as basic information commands, release schedules and triggers, as well as a few more complex things for the staff chan.

What are Emilia’s public commands?

At the moment there’s only a few, at least until my laziness stops acting up and I get around to making some more.
The commands: .request <Series> – .reseed <torrentlink> – .report <Issue> – !series – .recruitment

Commands explained:
.request <series> – This is pretty straight forward, if you want us to do a particular series then you can simply request it using this command, if we’re able to get the source material to do it then we’ll add it to our list of shows, but it may take some time. Using this command makes a notification to the staff channel informing all staff, and keeps a log.

.reseed <torrentlink> – If one of our torrents ever goes unseeded and we don’t notice, please request a reseed of the torrent with the appropriate URL, this only applies to our official releases on Nyaa, if you’re asking for a BakaBT or other site reseed, you’re out of luck. This notifies the staff channel and keeps a log.

.report <issue> – This is to report an issue to anything Blitz related, whether it’s the bots, the website, the torrents or one of our releases. This notifies the staff channel and keeps a log.

!series – Using this command of any series we’ve done will give you a link to our website with all the information about said series, and links on how to download it, so if you want information on Gundam Seed, you’d type !GundamSeed (Never any spaces).

.recruitment – This basically exists for the lazy people who don’t know about the Recruitment page on our website, it’ll just link you to that with a bunch of guides and official Blitz tests for whatever position you’re applying for.

Well, that’s pretty much all the commands for now, but eventually I’ll be making more, if you have any suggestions for the bot feel free to contact us, feedback is also welcomed too.