Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys?

We’re a bunch of old-timey fansubbing faggots who’ve been around for well over 10 years and worked in many different groups at many different stages throughout fansubbing history… There’s also some new fags.

Why not FLAC?

Because FLAC is useless bloat, and fuck you, that’s why. There’s some exceptions to this rules, due to how some Blu Ray were released. You’ll know when it’ll be FLAC or not, typically that’ll only be 1080p with maybe few rare 720p exceptions.

Why don’t you release anything in whatever resolution you would like?

Because we just don’t, there’s a whole list of reasons for this that I can’t be bothered to go into, but the main one is, we do what we want.

OMG Why didn’t you upscale that DVD, I see other groups upscaling DVDS to 576p!

Then go get the other groups version, upscaling is fucking dumb and we’re not going to do it, if you think upscaling anything is acceptable then you’re a moron.

Why don’t you localize the shit out of your subs?!

Because it’s a stupid thing to do, not everybody who watches subs is American or speaks English as a first language, in fact the majority are secondary or third language English speakers.
TLDR; Over localization is just shitty editing and poor language skills.

OMG why don’t you have 30,000 lines of TS in your subs?!

Because it’s a waste of time and effort on our part, most people don’t give a shit and the rest are fine with good TS, half the time most of the signs TS’d are pointless and mean absolutely nothing to the story or scene in question, only relevant signs will be TS’d and they’ll be done well.
TLDR; Why don’t you autism your typesetting? Because it’s pointless.

OMG like m8 why are you using R1/American DVD/Bluray’s for a source?!

Contrary to your autistic popular belief, not every R2 Japanese DVD/Bluray is superior in quality, a lot of the time they’re just as shit, and even shitter than their R1 equivalent, that being said, we use a mixture of both, it’s whatever we can get our hands on vs what the best actual source is. Sometimes we’re just flat out unable to get the R2, not everything hits the internet, and we aren’t rich enough to be buying Blurays left and right.
We will still always prioritize the JP audio and Subs, any extra audio sources will just be thrown on as secondary audio for any potential fgts who want it.

Other people are using x265/HEVC, why aren’t you?!

Other people are idiots.

Can I help out/join the team?

If you think you’re able to help out in any way or want to join the team, whether you have no experience of years of it, please get in contact with us via the contact form or contact Sirus/dark_hero_magus directly on #[email protected] – We don’t mind teaching you, but you’ll have to work hard for it!

I have a server and want to help distro.

If you have a Dedicated Server or even a VPS and are sure you want to help host some files, then great! Get in contact with us and we’ll get that setup. We already have an FTP but we’re always looking for more XDCC Bots, Seedboxes or DDL’s!

Why aren’t your 720p/1080p releases pointlessly bloated to 1Gb/2Gb+ in size?

Because some people actually know how to encode.

Can I use your subs to make my own releases?

You sure can, but please be mindful of giving credit where credit is due. We sometimes use a fansub groups subs and always credit the work, the same would be expected of you.

Why are you guys so slow?

Usually we aren’t, but we all have jobs or go to college, that and we’re kinda lazy, we generally do this for ourselves tbh.

How can I stream your releases?

You can’t, not unless you have the money required to buy us a very large, very powerful and very fast dedicated server in which we can setup a dedicated streaming site for our users, other than that you’ll have to stick with the many XDCC bots and torrents we have. Also >mkv


Yes, XDCC is a glorious IRC system of client-to-client downloading from servers (often linux and dedicated on connections 100Mbit to 1Gbit and above) located in various countries around the world. It cuts out the middle man, there is no “waiting for seeds” and all in all it’s a lot faster and a hell of a lot more secure, because the only people with access to the bots and servers, are us. So you’ll have to join our IRC channel and check out one of our bots, we have quite a few.

I represent <group name> we’d like to do a joint with you on project x.

That’s great, we’re always open for joints, the series size and age doesn’t matter, as long as we can get our hands on a source! If you’d like to joint on something, contact us on IRC.

Your releases suck and you should just stop what you’re doing.

We’ll get right on committing sudoku.


The information for series x is wrong!

If by chance we have the wrong information for any series, please feel free to let us know.

There’s a problem with one of your releases!

If there’s a problem with one of our releases, no matter what it is, contact us and we’ll work to fixing it for a v2. But first, please make sure you’re using MPC-HC with the latest CCCP pack

I can’t get your files to work

Always make sure you’re using MPC-HC and the latest CCCP pack


Can you guys sub series x for me please?

Generally speaking we do take requests, but how long it’ll take us to do them is another thing, we all have jobs and/or lives, as well as a lot of projects going on and other fansub groups we all happen to be in, then there’s the issue of finding a source. If we can accommodate your request, we will, but please be patient.

Can you start releasing in whatever other resolution than announced?

Simply put, no, we have no plans currently to do any weird resolutions, we do what we announced.


I think you should do things this way instead of your way.

No, just no. Please go home, you’re drunk.

You did this one niggling little thing wrong and I’m not reporting it to get it fixed, I’m just pointing it out to be a douchebag.

Weeaboo’s gonna weeaboo.