We’re always looking for new staff @ Blitz, so if you want to join then read through this and get in contact with us!

About the Positions, heres a quick overview of which positions which are needed… Though we are recruiting all the help we can get.

Translator: JPN>ENG Translation. N/A since we’re primarily an “official subs” or at the very least “best fansub group subs” group, we don’t really need a TL, if you’re looking to join a good group though I can recommend a few.

TLC: Someone who checks the translation to make sure that it’s error free. Same deal with the TL though, we don’t “really” need one, though having one to help TL some signs or an OP/ED/Insert would be wonderful!

Timer: Timing with Aegisub is probably one of the easiest jobs, and it’s actually quite simple once you get the hang of it, what you do is simply time the beginning of a sentence provided in the script to the line being spoken in the audio, so that the viewer can read the subtitles comfortably, it can be tricky/annoying to get it right but this is one of those jobs that’s all about practice, once you have it down, you’re set. This is a pretty good starter guide to timing.
Requirements: Some experience prefered but not necessary. Read through the guides provided and get a good grasp of Aegisub and be willing to practice, practice, practice.

Typesetter: (TS/TSer/TSing) A typesetter is someone who applies styling to subtitles, from font style/size/position and colour, to movement and so on, using Aegisub in the .ass format to signs you’ll see throughout every anime series.
Since we don’t do any fancy 7000 line long TS’s here, just the basics to look good and get the point across, you don’t need to be a veteran, just someone with a good eye and a reasonable amount of skill, we don’t even mind teaching you as long as you’re dedicated, though the best guide you’ll probably find for TS is here. And more resources can be found here.
Requirements: Experience prefered. Read through guides provided and develop a solid understanding of Aegisub and all of its functions.

Editor: Simply put what an editor does is to turn Engrish into English, you’ll take an .ass script and handle all rewording/changes where appropriate, going through it and fixing any spelling or grammatical errors, dialogue pacing and matching tone to the situation on screen. Extensive reading about this role can be found here.
Requirements: We’d prefer experience and EFL (English First Language) in this role but beginners are welcome to learn as long as you have an outstanding understanding of the English language.

QC: A QC is a Quality Checker, you’ll watch through the episode long before anyone else does, but it won’t just be for pleasure, no! You’re the last line of error-checking defence, to make sure a release is error free. This will include noticing spelling, grammatical, typesetting, timing, encoding and sync errors. You’ll have to make a log of all of these errors and when they happen, then upload it to the FTP and report it to the Editor/Project leader in charge of that show.
Requirements: A good eye and grasp of the English language. Experience helps but isn’t necessary.

Encoder: You should already know what this is and what it involves. All encoders are expected to have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this role and everything that comes with it.
Requirements: Experience and pre-existing knowledge, this is the one role we will not teach a complete novice. If you at least have a small understanding of this role and the process with an eagerness to learn, then if we have the time, we can help you along your travels.

Raw Provider: This role is usually for a .ts capper but since we’re a BD/DVD group, if you’re able to get your hands on Blu-Rays or DVDS for shows we’d like to do, whether you own them yourself, rent them or download them from somewhere, then apply to be a raw provider.
Requirements: A reasonably decent internet connection and source material.

We suggest you give this guide a proper read through.

If you’re interested in apply for any of the above positions, get in contact with us via our IRC channel, and don’t forget that if you’re willing to learn and help us, then we’re willing to help teach you, advice and tutorials/help for all positions are available to successful applicants.