Bananya – Episode 01


So even though we’re technically a Bluray/DVD only group, we’re making our first release and it happens to be a currently airing TV Short, Bananya!

Basically I saw this and we thought it was just far too cute not to do and I love the ever so short ED theme, so here it is, our very first release, we’ll be continuing it through to the end and may even pick up more TV releases in the future but we’ll probably stick to BD/DVD releases.

Expect some more releases soon, I promise!


[Blitz] Bananya – 01 [720p][B5196562]


[Blitz DDL]

A little update on things @ Blitz


So I thought i’d make a post about how things are going at Blitz, whilst we are still recruiting every position so I can be as lazy as possible, we’re still working on stuff too!

Lately I’ve been really busy due to two jobs and a disinterest in everything but something’s reignited my weeaboo spark so I am actually working on a few things, even a surpruse “shit came outta nowhere” project!

FLCL is stalled @ me because in all honesty I hate the show, but we’re doing other things.

Blitz-Anime is back!

So Blitz-Anime is back for anyone who really remembers it, it was over 6 years ago now, haha. Anyway we’re back with original staff and plan to do what we did before, but better! High Quality Blu-Ray and DVD Anime releases.

We don’t have any releases at the moment but we’re working hard to get them done, and hoping to complete 1 full series a month minimum! Hopefully more if possible.

If you’d like to give us a hand (we don’t mind if you’re inexperienced, we can help you learn) then pop on IRC and idle in our new channel for a while #[email protected]