A little update on things @ Blitz


So I thought i’d make a post about how things are going at Blitz, whilst we are still recruiting every position so I can be as lazy as possible, we’re still working on stuff too!

Lately I’ve been really busy due to two jobs and a disinterest in everything but something’s reignited my weeaboo spark so I am actually working on a few things, even a surpruse “shit came outta nowhere” project!

FLCL is stalled @ me because in all honesty I hate the show, but we’re doing other things.

Blitz-Anime is back!

So Blitz-Anime is back for anyone who really remembers it, it was over 6 years ago now, haha. Anyway we’re back with original staff and plan to do what we did before, but better! High Quality Blu-Ray and DVD Anime releases.

We don’t have any releases at the moment but we’re working hard to get them done, and hoping to complete 1 full series a month minimum! Hopefully more if possible.

If you’d like to give us a hand (we don’t mind if you’re inexperienced, we can help you learn) then pop on IRC and idle in our new channel for a while #[email protected]